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Sunday, January 3, 2010 has a higher seo has a higher seo  

Site Today we innocence of a good site to introduce the principles seo part of this site comments forum, which brought seo seo the implementation is well Seo friendly web site is excellent so that I relish I write more and more active in (the Yvzr Frayndly time seo Frayndly) really enjoyed (like excellent tableless template, lock Handler www, not using tags Deleted html5, use good the canonical, Pvzyseon higher h1 tag or shop in excellent location only Taytl art is a work seo ...) It is said that the following cases for the performance coefficient seo do your site your site speeds 1 - In cases where respect is not as clean code Code: Select all

2 - In cases where such links is not seo friendly site but approximately Links Go seo friendly links downloads site be preserved, which is very good 3 - Codes script html structure should consider the end and before the closing body tag comes (before thought was that it is better to come inside the head tag that one of the current Yahoo and Google's former employees to steve souders this case the proof considered unacceptable) 4 - is also the css link tag should consider the head to come 5 - sitemap.xml good words not defined in the Change Frequency for Home is not always your daily work can not Google the day once you head Bznh Supporters also (if you do not change) the monthly and the subgroups Hqtgy and pages daily to 6 - a case submergence h1 tag site there easily Google intelligent robot above the 6-month intervals (up to 6 months and may soon be time) to rogue site is easily identifiable by the robot JavaScript Game and CSS to render the identification of submergence and the h1 tag can cause you a fine site you need to provide this tag not submergence Just down the size also should remember after a paragraph tag (related to the meta-description) to be exposed to all the values h1 otherwise can lose its value I was very happy that you saw our country who, so to give pricing seo Google groups in 724 emergency system, the new algorithm your seo score are the different levels (regardless of the environmental factors such as old site, and traffic is ... rated) seo points to calculate the samples This site 89% of total points won in the website has had less of this show is seoy excellent site (one of the reasons for low score to this Listing Rate Us seo obligation cases for the h1 tag was precious)

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

the Google bomb a bomb to google from iranians

Less before Google changed the algorithm Myamd ranking search results is usually the only algorithm to rank pages (known as Page Rank Google) will change their algorithms, but Google recently followed by the bomber google Azythayy vision for both Rating changed Google bombs and innovations that Iranian intelligence is of the form is done with a word that many sites to link to a site give an example Google bombs by getting started bombing the Iranians (Iranians why it considered innovative) in the form of the huge Iranian blog sites and a site with the words "Arabian Gulf" link, but when they had written would be logged in Gulf Iran and the Gulf .... This work Europeans and Americans also learned and used in such cases the site with many word «liar» means liar British Prime Minister link to the site were interesting results every word liar Payam played the Prime Minister Site England fell into Sadr search results and more from the Google bombing has been political purposes such as search results "bin Laden" and ... that is bored out of this talk Such that I deal with Google gioogle bomber or was Google bombed Therefore, to change their Algvrtm and when this was done with full acceleration was error Results that, if the bomb Rnkyng to use Google to increase (even if non-intentional This process is done by Google is fine and this error is the Google algorithm) I know that this topic not easily agree to this instance so obvious to you Myavrm If you Google link: Search press more than one hundred links from sites Top Rank (4,5 and 6) you see this site to anyone who at least is familiar with the Syv 1 Rnkyng tell him the worst expected conditions, but when the site 


enter Rnkyngsh anyway you see is zero (before the algorithm changes the News Google Rank of 5) After the Exchange after the fear of others and contribute to the code that you air link because Google refused to fire his head

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main source:Google and the Google bomb bomb rain

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How is the structure link

Link structure of a site What is required is to observe
1 - Links to minimize mutual (site A links to Site B and Site B links to Site A) and Drsvt possibility of using bilateral links (with the practice of science can not fully use the link did not because of mutual Home usually below are links to pages and pages of links below should consider is the home page)
3 - trying to avoid by Bob Links method or 3-way Three-Way Link Exchange because Google can easily identify it and you will be fine
4 - Increasing domestic Links to boundary may
5 - Links to sites with a lower yourself avoid edition #
6 - Finally, the frequency Links page number should be higher than your text (text is proportional to Articles
And to vary the number of Articles in the same sublime Links Default are counted, but a link in the resultant ranking is account)

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Defects blaster in Iranian blogs

Defects blaster in Iranian blogs
In this blog on a good service from the viewpoints of the Iranian blaster Blagfa appointment means do we introduce to you the

Defects blaster in Iranian blogs and Anshallh say to you in the future more comprehensive and complete discussion of pre-Breymann

Despite numerous blaster web applications, sites and unfortunately the Iranian websites have been neglected

And regret in this case is that services to its Iranian Weblog wrong harvest have

Blagfa example, a blog service known in Iran and I among the best blaster in service of blog has a lot of bugs Syvy

First, tell the benefits

1 - Can site. Ã be defined for the site so, how to add ornaments, including a Member Blagfa See

2 - Ability to change the meta tags (for search engines) in this service is Iranian Weblog

But unfortunately also has the following disadvantages

1 - access to Google has restricted Comments (a few simple and unaware of the order under the above blogs edition # Note the link you have spicy spicy Blagfa Comments unaware that affect Google at all to read Comments from Blagfa not given

2 - www and without www are not integrated with Daplykyt error pages that will create

3 - named for appropriate content pages and title selection is not

Interesting that none of the reforms allow a user yet like all blog services (including building known) allows the transmission to the second page with meta tags personal blog service has been

Of course, these cases only the most famous is perhaps of Service Weblog weblog Srvrys other situation becomes worse, and except for multiple services services blog blog left this problem have

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what is seo

Perhaps that almost all people familiar with the Web, although have little, at least for a time is time that have heard the word SEO.

But is SEO? Loghavi meaning which stands for Search Engine Optimization SEO is search engine optimization is. SEO means to produce web pages for search engines that are interesting and glamorous.

Optimize your web pages is that the results of a large search engine such as Google may have the highest score. Away due to the importance of this topic that most people search engines to reach the content or use your product (in the majority of people are working with Google head). For example, Google, most people only the first search results page will look. So for having high traffic from search engines, especially Google, this issue is essential that your site's first page search results will be.

Search engine optimization knowledge about the technical methods such as the appropriate title, tags and meta tags, keywords and key phrases and descriptions, and totally appropriate site content that search engines like, to study.

Search engines, including Google's web pages by the software reptiles (spiders), and all are indexed. Unfortunately, all software reptiles do not work a match. For example, if your Web page in one of the search engines, including Google's score is high, it may not be such other motors.

One of the things scientists are doing Byhnh building search engines, followed by functional changes within the search engines. So they can web pages optimized according to these changes. In addition, the various search engines along with changes to put the engine function.

When you design a site for designer Tjarytan choose, you should be designed to optimize search engines about a question you should ask for article search engine optimization making your web pages to start. If this work longer than the design of some of these that you have had, is not. This much easier and more reasonable is that you on the first that your site is placed on the web, including search engine optimization is.

Why SEO is important?
Why search engine optimization is useful. Some of the following reasons for this are:

- Outrank many search results to meet customer's website will invite you.

- 87 percent of all the visitors to a page you have a situation.

- 91 percent of Internet users use search engines.

- According to recent research, more than 250 million search per country shall be made in England.

- 73 percent of online trading by the search engines are started.

- 3.5 billion website with competition over money, but the reality is that only one percent of Ksrhay to reach Home.

Who require SEO?
Any Web site that goes by the trade and commerce, should your web pages for search engines to optimize.

Ultimate goal of a website is attracting Internet users, and studies have shown that a huge area User review of Internet websites in search engines have found.

If your company making comments to a new web site or to a website is your old should note that progress should put SEO in the priorities.

Remember that your SEO takes a great race and you will introduce in the market.

What SEO tools?
Want to here about SEO, or optimization tools for search engines and some of them talk to introduce.

- Keyword Suggestion mover for keywords: As we said above key words to attract search engines because they have a role. You can use keywords Keyword Suggestion better and a more attractive option.

- Google Rank Checker Czech DISPLAY your score on Google: Google's search engine specific and accurate computational websites Stalled each rate your site higher on Google your site's value is higher. Czech this score usually is not easy, but this tool most websites related Tools SEO your work easy and you can easily score to your Google Czech.

- Link Popularity Link Popularity: Stalled Mhbvyyt to us show you the different search engines including Google search when you are and how many results appear Jdydn this tool to compare between a Web site is used.

- Search Engine Position your site in search engines situation: It is the number of search results your site in search engines, including Google's big shows.

Web Site Optimization Tools downloads or Web site optimization tools that are different and diverse.

In the name of a search engine FavaDargah Http:// address has been established that in addition to search services for the first time in Iran in a Full Service Search Engine Optimization

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

limits of Using 301 redirects to remove duplicate content SEO in blogs

you can not use any 301 redirect method in bloggs (redirecet meta teg
or server redirect method) and dont forget that javacript redirect is not 301
or 302 redirect method

but The Duplicate Content Penalty is a common mistake in blogs
for prevent Duplicate Content Penalty in blogger (bigest blog
service in world) and other blog service
you can set your archive setting in none (don't archive anything)
to remove The Duplicate Content Penalty in mainpage by
post page
1- you can remove title of post content in mainpage (to aoivd
search Engine access to page address )
becuse by remove title in post will remove direct link to post in
2- or you can remove titles link (not recommend)
and when your post go out from mainpage use title again manually

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Friday, May 22, 2009

best seo tips

best seo tips (seo is easy) for best search results

what is your interest in search result and how to force
search Engines (also googlebot) to get it
you must select what is your interest to come in search result (this is
first step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips)
this is important that your interest words must same as your
article (in you content )(else dont use following tips )
select an abstract of your article (in this post we called it:abridgement)
step1- use abridgement in title;
step2- this best that abridgement come in url(sam as domain
name or subdomain name or folder name or file name or request and best way
is that use all together)
step 3- use abridgement words by comma in meta key
step 4- use abridgement in meta discription
step 5- use abridgement in first line in your content by a link
to its'page (this best that use anchor in <H1> tag and bolde it)
step 6- use abridgement in content several times (this best that bolde it)

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