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Sunday, January 3, 2010 has a higher seo has a higher seo  

Site Today we innocence of a good site to introduce the principles seo part of this site comments forum, which brought seo seo the implementation is well Seo friendly web site is excellent so that I relish I write more and more active in (the Yvzr Frayndly time seo Frayndly) really enjoyed (like excellent tableless template, lock Handler www, not using tags Deleted html5, use good the canonical, Pvzyseon higher h1 tag or shop in excellent location only Taytl art is a work seo ...) It is said that the following cases for the performance coefficient seo do your site your site speeds 1 - In cases where respect is not as clean code Code: Select all

2 - In cases where such links is not seo friendly site but approximately Links Go seo friendly links downloads site be preserved, which is very good 3 - Codes script html structure should consider the end and before the closing body tag comes (before thought was that it is better to come inside the head tag that one of the current Yahoo and Google's former employees to steve souders this case the proof considered unacceptable) 4 - is also the css link tag should consider the head to come 5 - sitemap.xml good words not defined in the Change Frequency for Home is not always your daily work can not Google the day once you head Bznh Supporters also (if you do not change) the monthly and the subgroups Hqtgy and pages daily to 6 - a case submergence h1 tag site there easily Google intelligent robot above the 6-month intervals (up to 6 months and may soon be time) to rogue site is easily identifiable by the robot JavaScript Game and CSS to render the identification of submergence and the h1 tag can cause you a fine site you need to provide this tag not submergence Just down the size also should remember after a paragraph tag (related to the meta-description) to be exposed to all the values h1 otherwise can lose its value I was very happy that you saw our country who, so to give pricing seo Google groups in 724 emergency system, the new algorithm your seo score are the different levels (regardless of the environmental factors such as old site, and traffic is ... rated) seo points to calculate the samples This site 89% of total points won in the website has had less of this show is seoy excellent site (one of the reasons for low score to this Listing Rate Us seo obligation cases for the h1 tag was precious)

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