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Friday, May 22, 2009

best seo tips

best seo tips (seo is easy) for best search results

what is your interest in search result and how to force
search Engines (also googlebot) to get it
you must select what is your interest to come in search result (this is
first step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips)
this is important that your interest words must same as your
article (in you content )(else dont use following tips )
select an abstract of your article (in this post we called it:abridgement)
step1- use abridgement in title;
step2- this best that abridgement come in url(sam as domain
name or subdomain name or folder name or file name or request and best way
is that use all together)
step 3- use abridgement words by comma in meta key
step 4- use abridgement in meta discription
step 5- use abridgement in first line in your content by a link
to its'page (this best that use anchor in <H1> tag and bolde it)
step 6- use abridgement in content several times (this best that bolde it)