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Saturday, January 2, 2010

the Google bomb a bomb to google from iranians

Less before Google changed the algorithm Myamd ranking search results is usually the only algorithm to rank pages (known as Page Rank Google) will change their algorithms, but Google recently followed by the bomber google Azythayy vision for both Rating changed Google bombs and innovations that Iranian intelligence is of the form is done with a word that many sites to link to a site give an example Google bombs by getting started bombing the Iranians (Iranians why it considered innovative) in the form of the huge Iranian blog sites and a site with the words "Arabian Gulf" link, but when they had written would be logged in Gulf Iran and the Gulf .... This work Europeans and Americans also learned and used in such cases the site with many word «liar» means liar British Prime Minister link to the site were interesting results every word liar Payam played the Prime Minister Site England fell into Sadr search results and more from the Google bombing has been political purposes such as search results "bin Laden" and ... that is bored out of this talk Such that I deal with Google gioogle bomber or was Google bombed Therefore, to change their Algvrtm and when this was done with full acceleration was error Results that, if the bomb Rnkyng to use Google to increase (even if non-intentional This process is done by Google is fine and this error is the Google algorithm) I know that this topic not easily agree to this instance so obvious to you Myavrm If you Google link: Search press more than one hundred links from sites Top Rank (4,5 and 6) you see this site to anyone who at least is familiar with the Syv 1 Rnkyng tell him the worst expected conditions, but when the site 


enter Rnkyngsh anyway you see is zero (before the algorithm changes the News Google Rank of 5) After the Exchange after the fear of others and contribute to the code that you air link because Google refused to fire his head

translated by: Persian to English google translation 

main source:Google and the Google bomb bomb rain