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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Defects blaster in Iranian blogs

Defects blaster in Iranian blogs
In this blog on a good service from the viewpoints of the Iranian blaster Blagfa appointment means do we introduce to you the

Defects blaster in Iranian blogs and Anshallh say to you in the future more comprehensive and complete discussion of pre-Breymann

Despite numerous blaster web applications, sites and unfortunately the Iranian websites have been neglected

And regret in this case is that services to its Iranian Weblog wrong harvest have

Blagfa example, a blog service known in Iran and I among the best blaster in service of blog has a lot of bugs Syvy

First, tell the benefits

1 - Can site. Ã be defined for the site so, how to add ornaments, including a Member Blagfa See

2 - Ability to change the meta tags (for search engines) in this service is Iranian Weblog

But unfortunately also has the following disadvantages

1 - access to Google has restricted Comments (a few simple and unaware of the order under the above blogs edition # Note the link you have spicy spicy Blagfa Comments unaware that affect Google at all to read Comments from Blagfa not given

2 - www and without www are not integrated with Daplykyt error pages that will create

3 - named for appropriate content pages and title selection is not

Interesting that none of the reforms allow a user yet like all blog services (including building known) allows the transmission to the second page with meta tags personal blog service has been

Of course, these cases only the most famous is perhaps of Service Weblog weblog Srvrys other situation becomes worse, and except for multiple services services blog blog left this problem have