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Saturday, May 23, 2009

limits of Using 301 redirects to remove duplicate content SEO in blogs

you can not use any 301 redirect method in bloggs (redirecet meta teg
or server redirect method) and dont forget that javacript redirect is not 301
or 302 redirect method

but The Duplicate Content Penalty is a common mistake in blogs
for prevent Duplicate Content Penalty in blogger (bigest blog
service in world) and other blog service
you can set your archive setting in none (don't archive anything)
to remove The Duplicate Content Penalty in mainpage by
post page
1- you can remove title of post content in mainpage (to aoivd
search Engine access to page address )
becuse by remove title in post will remove direct link to post in
2- or you can remove titles link (not recommend)
and when your post go out from mainpage use title again manually