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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seo Is Easy

Think about this: there are 400 million active web sites online.

Each day many more are launched. Google indexed over 1 trillion web pages. The actual number is far higher - these are just the pages that Google indexed.

For just about any important key word that you want to use, the competing pages will run into the tens or hundreds of thousands.

Add to that the fact that you are far from being the only one being interested in SEO. As a matter of fact, millions are, of who many, be it your competitors themselves be it SEO specialist, will be fishing in the same pond.

I do not want to sound demotivating. The contrary is true, for any successful campaign (in just about anything) we always have the age old adagium: know your enemy.

If you think about starting with SEO, make sure you are very, very serious about it.

Because those that are not, that just try out basic or standard levels, or stick to half hearted attempts (or order 'standard SEO advice' for that matter) will not get anywhere.

As said, there are only so many top positions, only 10 on the first page of every search engines, and 10 more on the second page. Like there are only 3 medals in the Olympics... and this is an Olympics.

My advice is always: be enthused, passionate, fully focus, make that you like the game as much as you like... your most favourite game.

Because if you don't, there is no doubt about it that there will be 50, or 100 others that will snatch those medals.

It used to be a day on the beach. You ordered a SEO advice report, or did a little linking, a little social networking, and that was that. These days are gone.

The very good news is: if you have that passion, you will get there.

Because then you will have something very precious, something that no other, not even the largest SEO Marketing Company charging thousands per month has.

After all, they work with staff. That work from 9 to 5. That can only gather so much interest in the client of the day...